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The Adult Entertainment Industry And Weed

Now that marijuana is being decriminalized in some states, and even legalized in others, the discussion of weed and sex has become a more prominent topic among people in the porn industry. Obviously, there is a significant difference in having drunk sex and having high sex. I mean, we all know that feeling after a drunken one-night-stand where the regret kicks in at the same time as your terrible hangover, but when it comes to stoned sex, the feeling is completely different during and after.

The reality is that weed is becoming a more popular and easier to access drug, and while there are many pros to smoking marijuana before sex, there are, of course, some cons as well. First, lets discuss the upside to having high sex and the use of weed in porn. It has been said that the effects of marijuana, such as the relaxed feeling you get or the increased sensitivity your body feels, both contribute to allowing a girl to orgasm more easily. It’s like when you go for a massage while your stoned, the feeling of someone touching your body all over is euphoric because you are more relaxed. The same goes for sex. The more at ease you are, the better the sex will feel.

Think about the pressure that is put on porn stars to preform in front of a bunch of random cameramen or people watching them on cams, it can be a daunting task. Some girls prefer to keep calm by smoking weed either before a scene or while doing cam work. For example, let’s talk about porn star Madison Ivy. Her Twitter bio reads, “I’d rather breathe cannabis”, which makes it pretty clear she’s a fan of smoking pot. Ivy began working in the industry nine years ago and has been very open about the fact that she smokes weed. I mean, she’s even built her fan base and branded herself as Madison420Ivy.

So while yes, there are plenty of porn stars that do prefer to smoke weed beforehand, there are others who see it as a hindrance to being natural on camera. Which brings us to the cons of pot and porn. While the adult film business is a legal industry, weed is not yet legal across the board. There are some cam sites that advise against or even prohibit the use of illegal activity on camera because while it may be legal in some states, it is still federally illegal. Sorry to all the people that believed porn sets were like the movies with mountains of drugs on hand because on most sets the use of drugs that are not prescribed to you is not looked at in high regards.

On top of that, if you’re an avid pot smoker you know the horrible feeling of dry mouth. Well imagine having dry mouth, but in your vagina. We might as well be wearing a sign that says closed for business because it can dry up like the Sahara Desert. This is a serious thing that happens even though it sounds ridiculous. That can’t be good for porn, because the viewer’s love seeing soaking wet pussies getting fucked and cumming, doesn’t seem like that’s plausible when weed gets involved.

Whatever your preference is girls who love to get high or girls who don’t, there is something out there for everyone.


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